How to support centiskor.ch

If you love Pokémon nearly as much as I do, and you want to help centiskor.ch grow, there are various ways you can support.

With money

For transparency, the money would go towards domain and hosting costs as well as contibuting towards the time I spend updating the site. And it's nice to financially support the arts!

With love

If you're not in a position to donate or otherwise don't want to (totally get that!!) but want to do something, you can help spread the word.

  • Skeet me. If you're on the blue app, I'll talk to anyone but don't be a bigot and don't get overfamiliar.
  • Email me stuff you think I’ll like. It beats getting junk!
  • Engage with my content. Whether it involves skeets, blog posts, or projects, share them, send emails, and link back to the site.
  • Write about me on your own sites and link back. I've written thousands of blog posts and I might have something interesting for you.

At some point, I'll make badges you can put on your sites if you decide to link back.