My Pokémon teams

This page is dedicated to as many Pokémon teams as I can remember that I’ve had in every Pokémon game I’ve played. I also plan to add some of my VGC teams so watch this space.

SV sprites courtesy of KingOfThe-X-Roads on DeviantArt

Kanto (RBY/FRLG)

Default team (Blue)

Blastoise, Graveler, Victreebel, Electrode, Pidgeot, and Articuno
Blastoise // Graveler // Victreebel // Electrode // Pidgeot // Articuno

Latest playthrough (Red, Aug 2023)

Blastoise, Graveler, Victreebel, Electrode, Pidgeot, and Articuno
Big Boi the Blastoise // Kelis the Nintetales // Andre the EOOO the Victreebel // Prototype the Electrode // Dux the Farfetch’d // !!! the Snorlax

Random playthrough team I found (Blue)


Torrent the Blastoise // Dremel the Rhydon // Benedict the Exeggcutor // Fire Puppy the Arcanine // Spoons the Alakazam // Falco the Pidgeot

Latest playthrough (Yellow, Sept 2023)

Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Primeape, Venusaur, and Nidoking
Pikachu // Torrent the Blastoise // Viktor the Charizard // Jeff the Primeape // Tombola the Venusaur // Gio the Nidoking

Nuzlocke (Leaf Green)

Gyarados, Rapidash, Snorlax, Haunter, Nidoqueen, and Dodrio
Johnscales the Gyarados // Mel the Rapidash // Nathan the Snorlax // Rick the Haunter // Barb the Nidoqueen // Baldy 2.0 the Dodrio

Johto (GSC)

Default team

Feraligatr, Haunter, Pidgeot, Lugia, Graveler, and Ampharos
Feraligatr // Haunter // Pidgeot // Lugia // Graveler // Ampharos

Latest playthrough (Aug 2023)

Feraligatr, Dunsparce, Pidgeot, Jumpluff, Arcanine, and Sandslash
Chompski the Feraligatr// Bus the Dunsparce // Falco the Pidgeot // Alocas the Jumpluff // Fire Wolf the Arcanine // Quake the Sandslash

Crystal Legacy (Nov 2023)

Feraligatr, Dunsparce, Pidgeot, Jumpluff, Arcanine, and Sandslash
Hostgator the Feraligatr // Angelfire the Magcargo // Lycos the Crobat // Tiscali the Beedrill // Netscape the Skarmory // Winzip the Vileplume

SoulSilver playthrough

Lugia, Magmortar, Feraligatr, Golem, Ampharos, and Tangrowth
Lugia // Magmortar // Feraligatr // Golem // Ampharos // Tangrowth

Hoenn (RSE)

Default team

Swampert, Swellow, Aggron, Kyogre, Hariyama, and Glalie
Swampert // Swellow // Aggron // Kyogre // Hariyama // Glalie

Latest playthrough (Aug 2023)

Blaziken, Ludicolo, Swellow, Rhydon, Banette, and Gardevoir
Slim’s the Blaziken // Foie Dgras the Ludicolo // Gregory the Swellow // Dozer the Rhydon // Boo the Banette // Greatgowns the Gardevoir

Sinnoh (DPP)

Latest playthrough (Nov 2023)


Horne the Empoleon // Gelco the Golem // Airwolf the Yanmega // Party the Pachirisu // Molly the Houndoom // Rafferty the Togekiss

Unova (BW/B2W2)

Second Black playthrough (I reset the first one after continuously losing to the Pokémon League.)

Samurott, Stoutland, Zebstrika, Liepard, Unfezant, and Reshiram
Sammy the Samurott // Pepe the Stoutland // Zeb the Zebstrika // Sela Ward the Liepard // Flyer the Unfezant // Redeye the Reshiram

Latest Black 2 playthrough (2023)

Blaziken, Ludicolo, Swellow, Rhydon, Banette, and Gardevoir
Piers the Samurott // Garet the Magmortar // Isaac the Sunflora // Sheba the Magnezone // Milk the Stoutland // Ivan the Unfezant

First White playthrough


Roman the Carracosta // Pippin the Gigalith // Boxers the Darmanitan // Hawn the Ferrothorn // Murdoch the Rufflet // Ryuk the Zekrom

Alola (SM/USUM)

First playthrough

Icineroar, Toucannon, Tangrowth, Golduck, Malamar, and Vikavolt
Icineroar // Toucannon // Frege the Tangrowth // Golduck // Malamar // Azarenko the Vikavolt

Galar (SwSh)

First playthrough

Inteleon, Centiskorch, Tangrowth, Golduck, Malamar, and Vikavolt
Osmosis the Inteleon // Firecracker the Centiskorch // Mackey the Boltund // Toothless the Haxorus // Tartaruga the Drednaw // Nightwing the Corviknight

Paldea (SV)

First playthrough

Quaquaval, Scovillain, Bellibolt, Tauros, Grumpig, and Scizor
Drake the Quaquaval // Carolina the Scovillain // Tomada the Bellibolt // Edgewater the Tauros // ブーピッグ (Grumpig) // Clippers the Scizor