The Blastoise Room


Blastoise is a Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Blue in 1996. It is the game mascot and appears on the front cover.

A brutal Pokémon with pressurized water jets on its shell. They are used for high speed tackles.


Blastoise is a turtle Pokémon with a blue body, a tough, brown shell and a cream-coloured underbelly. Its defining characteristic is the pair of extendable water cannons at the top of its shell.

Blastoise has two other forms: a Mega form (Mega Blastoise), and a Gigantamax form (Gigantamax Blastoise).

Mega Blastoise has two extra shells over its arms, housing their own water cannons (one per arm). It now only has one water cannon on its bag but it’s much larger and its shape is similar to a silencer. Mega Blastoise’s face is also different, with more pointed ears and a pointed chin.

Gigantamax Blastoise is much larger due to the Gigantamax effect and it has white eyes with bright blue sclerae. Its underbelly is now dark red and its body is a lighter blue. Its shell now has an array of 31 water cannons of different sizes. Its skin has white triangular spots on the tail and legs, reminscent of the markings on the Cloned Blastoise from Pokémon: The First Movie.

Why I love Blastoise

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