about centiskor.ch

centiskor.ch was heavily inspired by pincurch.in, a site I stumbled upon while looking for cool domains, and sites from the 2000s where people just wrote stuff and had fun. A big shout out to seafare for basically being the design blueprint for the site.

The main reason why I chose Centiskorch as the focal point was because the centiskor.ch domain was available. I also had a Centiskorch in my main Pokémon Sword team and it's one of my favourite designs in recent generations.


I want this site to be two things:

  1. A Centiskorch fan site.
  2. A place for me to write about general Pokémon stuff, whether it be about media, VGC, my own playthroughs, nicknames, and general observations.

About me

My name is Luke and I live in the UK.

I've been playing Pokémon since 1998.

I work in SEO as a day job and spend most of my spare time playing Pokémon or doing anything remotely Pokémon related.

I also enjoy coding, making music, and looking after my son.

I'm a native English speaker but I can read/speak a little Portuguese.

I used to love the Pokémon anime but I stopped watching many years ago and never caught up. However, I have seen all but two of the Pokémon movies.