Walking Wake nicknames

a two-legged dinosaur Pokémon with white, diamond-shaped markings on its cyan blue body

Walking Wake was introduced in Generation 9 with a dual-type Water/Dragon typing and, being a Paradox Pokémon related to Suicune, there’s plenty of inspiration for a nickname.

So let’s look at some facts about Walking Wake and suggested nicknames.


Walking Wake is a two-legged dinosaur Pokémon with white, diamond-shaped markings on its cyan blue body. It has a tail split into two which is mostly white and shares its long purple with Suicune, although the ends are a red and orange gradient near the top.

Inspiration wise, Walking Wake is likely based on dinosaurs like the velociraptor and other theropod dinosaurs. And Suicune of course.


My methodology for nicknames is as follows:

  • I rank nicknames by lettered tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. S is the best and D is the worst.
  • I may use generative AI for inspiration. I’ll always mark these nicknames with an asterisk (*) but they’ll always be amended where necessary
  • I’ll usually list my inspiration for a nickname so you know where they came from

With all that said, let’s look at those Walking Wake nicknames!


  • Blue - named after Blue the velociraptor from Jurassic Park. And, you know, it’s blue!
  • Aurora
  • Sister - because its hair—like Suicune’s—reminds me of my sister
  • Tsunami


  • Raptor
  • River
  • Delta
  • Elsa - both a river in Italy and the character from Frozen
  • Vaporwave - vapor + wave, what more could you ask for?
  • Misty
  • Hailee
  • Rio
  • Kirin - a Summon from Golden Sun


  • JurassicPark
  • Salina - a portmanteau of saline (saltwater) + Selina
  • Valley Girl - because where there’s a valley, there’s water!
  • Hudson - named after the North American river
  • Nile - you’ll never guess…
  • Mississippi - are you spotting a trend here?
  • Hot Springs
  • Eva - short for evaporation
  • El Tatio - named after a Chilean geyser
  • Mudpot
  • Steam Kitty


  • Ricki Lake - lake, water, geddit?!
  • Yangtze - named after the Chinese river
  • Aegir
  • Hydro
  • Geyser
  • BoiledKettle
  • Walkin’

Do you have a favourite Walking Wake nickname or have a suggestion of your own? If you like any of my nicknames or want to suggest one of your own, head over to the contact me link on the left and email me your suggestion!