Gouging Fire nicknames

a dinosaur-like, hybrid Pokémon with some canine features. Its body is brown, and it has a yellow, green, and red crest on its head

Gouging Fire was introduced in Generation 9 with a Fire/Dragon typing based on Entei so there’s plenty of inspiration for nicknames.

Let’s look at some info on Gouging Fire and suggested nicknames.


Gouging Fire is a dinosaur-like, hybrid Pokémon with both canine and feline features. It has brown fur, like Entei, with three green spike lines on its back legs, cream fur on its chest, and five grey spikes on its back. There are black cuffs around its ankles and it has a predominately yellow crest on its head, with green and red in the centre. Honestly, look up Entei and just add more colour, fur, and prehistoric features.

Gouging Fire is said to be an ancient Pokémon that is related to Entei but also could be an ancient version of Entei from an alternate timeline. We still don’t know which is true.


My methodology for nicknames is as follows:

  • I rank nicknames by lettered tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. S is the best and D is the worst.
  • I may use generative AI for inspiration. I’ll always mark these nicknames with an asterisk (*) but they’ll always be amended where necessary
  • I’ll usually list my inspiration for a nickname so you know where they came from

Please note: all nicknames could easily work for Entei as well!

With all that said, let’s look at those Gouging Fire nicknames!


  • Sebastion - a play on the name Sebastian, incorporating “bastion”, another name for a structure projecting outward from the curtain wall of a fortification
  • Hjalmar - named after Hjalmar the Dreadful, a famous lion


  • CatDog - 90s kids understand!
  • Sparta - named after a 28,000 year old mummified female cave lion cub from Siberia (source). And the war-related name works for a design like this
  • Lionhearth
  • Sekhmet - a solar deity from Ancient Egypt with the head of a lionness and a sun disk on her head
  • Sinhala - a Sanskrit word, meaning “of lions”
  • GougingTiger - (Hidden Dragon)
  • Lynel - from The Legend of Zelda franchise


  • Gruffasa - Mufasa + gruff
  • Carnival - I dunno, that headpiece just screams carnival
  • Spela - from “Panthera spelaea”, the Latin name for the cave lion, a prehistoric descendant of lions
  • Scoop Dog - scoop (out) is a synonym for gouge and it’s like a dog
  • Wildfire
  • HearthLedger
  • Marmalade - an ironically cute name for a very dangerous cat/dog/dinosaur
  • Pierce - a synonym for gouge and a IRL name, didn’tchaknow?
  • Babylon
  • It’sANoDawg
  • Gouge Rouge
  • Clifford - the big red dog? (If you’re one of those people who think it’s a dog)
  • Cameroon - their national soccer team are known as the Indomitable Lions
  • Lion King
  • Dragon Kitty


  • Dino - like Dino from The Flintstones with the dog-like design, being a dinosaur hybrid Pokémon
  • Firestorm
  • Fox Smolder - a bastardisation of Fox Mulder from The X-Files and the word smolder
  • Furnace
  • Bonfire
  • Pspspsps - cat lovers will understand
  • Aslan
  • Leo/Leon/Lyon/Leonidas/Leonard/Leopold
  • GougingFuDog - a fu dog (or foo dog) is a stylized lion statue similar to those usually placed in male and female pairs outside imperial Chinese palaces, tombs, temples, etc.. It’s likely a Western thing
  • Wildcat


  • Walnut - the colour of its fur
  • Fable
  • Vanquish
  • Gougin’

Do you have a favourite Gouging Fire nickname or have a suggestion of your own? If you like any of my nicknames or want to suggest one of your own, head over to the contact me link on the left and email me your suggestion!