Dipplin nicknames

Dipplin was introduced in Generation 9 with a Grass/Dragon typing as the evolved form of Applin so there’s lots of inspiration for nicknames.

Let’s have a look at Dipplin’s origins and some of those nicknames.

Please note: at the time of writing, this may contain spoilers for the DLC but nothing connected to the storyline.


Dipplin is a green worm-like Pokémon who lives inside a red apple. It looks very similar to Applin except that Dipplin’s apple is dripping with red syrup thanks to the Syrupy Apple you need from Kitakami to evolve it. Interestingly, Dipplin appears to be made up of two bodies - one with the head (the fore-wyrm) that pokes out of the top, and one with the tail (the core-wyrm) that pokes out of the back.

Notably, Dipplin’s shiny form is gold and its signature move Syrup Bomb also changes colour, from red to gold. To my knowledge, this is the first time a move has changed colour based on its shiny.

Name-wise, Dipplin appears to be a portmanteau of dip + Applin. According to Bulbapedia, its Japanese name “Kamicchu” may be a combination of 果 ka (fruit), 花蜜 kamitsu (nectar), 虫 chū (bug; worm), and カジッチュ Kajicchu (Applin).


y methodology for nicknames is as follows:

  • I rank nicknames by lettered tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. S is the best and D is the worst.
  • I may use generative AI for inspiration. I’ll always mark these nicknames with an asterisk (*) but they’ll always be amended where necessary
  • I’ll usually list my inspiration for a nickname so you know where they came from

With all that said, let’s look at those Dipplin nicknames!


  • Caramel - as its shiny is probably based on a caramel apple


  • Goldrush - named after the apple cultivar
  • Scrumpy/ Scrumpy Jack - named after a type of cider - works best with the shiny
  • HanapelNectr - named after Hannibal Lecter and, like Hannibal, I had to butcher the name to make it fit
  • Zari - named after the apple cultivar
  • AbramLincoln - named after the Abram cultivar and the former US president
  • Jazz - named after the apple cultivar
  • Steve Bobs - named after Steve Jobs and referencing the act of “bobbing” for apples
  • Snapple
  • Appletini
  • Strudel
  • Honeycrisp
  • Cider
  • Treacle
  • BoneAppleTea


  • Candy - as its a candy apple
  • Adam - named after the Adam’s apple and Adam, the first man according to the Bible
  • Pippin/Pip - named after the cultivar and pip is another name for the brown seed in the middle of an apple
  • Ambrosia - named after the cultivar
  • Russ - named after the russet cultivar, known for its distinctive brownish-yellow skin
  • Delicious - named after the Golden Delicious cultivar
  • Agave - named after the syrup
  • Maple - named after the syrup
  • Waffle - and what is a waffle without some syrup?
  • Gooey Lewis - named after Huey Lewis and its gooey, right?
  • Ringo - named after the Japanese word for apple and Ringo Starr was a founder of Apple Corps, a multimedia corporation founded in London in January 1968 by the members of The Beatles
  • Orchard
  • Apple Juice
  • Cobbler - as in apple cobbler
  • Cinnamon - because cinnamon goes with apple!


  • Dazzler - it kinda dazzles, no?
  • TootyFruity - word to Little Richard

Do you have a favourite Dipplin nickname or have a suggestion of your own? If you like any of my nicknames or want to suggest one of your own, head over to the contact me link on the left and email me your suggestion!