Beautifly nicknames

a butterfly pokémon

Beautifly was introduced in Generation 3 with a dual Bug/Flying typing. It is one of Wurmple’s final forms, evolving from Silcoon at Level 10. Given that it’s based on a buttefly, there’s plenty of inspiration for nicknames.

Let’s look at some info on Beautifly and suggested nicknames.


Beautifly is a butterfly Pokémon a pair of colorful wings, big blue eyes, and black antennae. The colours on its wings are red, blue, and yellow and it has a long, curled proboscis.

Beautifly like to live in forests and competes with Combee for nectar.


My methodology for nicknames is as follows:

  • I rank nicknames by lettered tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. S is the best and D is the worst.
  • I may use generative AI for inspiration. I’ll always mark these nicknames with an asterisk (*) but they’ll always be amended where necessary
  • I’ll usually list my inspiration for a nickname so you know where they came from

With all that said, let’s look at those Beautifly nicknames!


  • Taira - The emblem of the Taira clan of Japan is a swallowtail butterfly



  • KateMosquito - Kate Moss + mosquito
  • Papilion
  • Spicebush - species of swallowtail
  • Winging It
  • Black Beauti
  • Joseph - from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, referencing its wings
  • Bugaboo
  • Bug Eyed
  • Boon - a character from The Legend of Zelda
  • M. Butterfly
  • Kallima


  • Wingding
  • Wing Man/Woman
  • Beautiqueen
  • Beautisleep
  • Darkwing - they’re mostly dark grey after all
  • Greedy Guts - it looooves pollen
  • Bugatti
  • SnugAsABug
  • Lady Bug
  • Debug Mode
  • Poompatta


  • CombeeHater
  • FlutterDrain - It’s BDSP Pokédex entry: It has an aggressive nature. It stabs prey with its long, narrow mouth to drain the prey’s fluids.
  • Bugbear
  • Humbug

Do you have a favourite Beautifly nickname or have a suggestion of your own? If you like any of my nicknames or want to suggest one of your own, head over to the contact me link on the left and email me your suggestion!