My favourite Gen 4 Pokémon

Here is a list of my favourite Generation 4 Pokémon, with their sprites from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (w/o animations I’m afraid), and why I love them so much.

Empoleona sprite of EmpoleonI didn't put it on the front of an album cover for nothing. A Water/Steel Emperor penguin. What an awesome starter evolution.
Luxraya sprite of LuxrayOne of the best early route Electric Pokémon, especially because it's a physical Electric type and has Intimidate.
Floatzela sprite of FloatzelIt's a cute otter/weasel, what more can I say?
Spiritomba sprite of SpiritombSuch an awesome design and a great typing in terms of resistances (until Fairy came in).
Hippowdona sprite of HippowdonHIPPO! I prefer the female Hippowdon because they're grey. Gotta love dimorphism in Pokémon!
Weavilea sprite of WeavileOne of many Gen 1/2 evolutions and Sneasel deserved this. Weavile is super quick and, despite the less-than-ideal typing, it has some great moves
Tangrowtha sprite of TangrowthI love Tangrowth so much. It's my favourite Grass type. It's a big cuddly bulky Pokémon and those aren't easy to come by.
Magmortara sprite of MagmortarI love Tangrowth so much. It's one of my favourite Fire types with an incredible design. Is it Krusty the clown? Is it a cannon-armed flamethrower? Both, both is good.
Togekissa sprite of TogekissI didn't get into Togekiss until Gen 8 VGC and wow, this thing is a tank. Just a great Pokémon with great stats and movepool to both pack a punch and support if necessary. And it's a flying egg with little feet!
Glaceona sprite of GlaceonIt looks like old Nicki Minaj which isn't actually a reason why I like it but I just wanted to mention that.
Rotoma sprite of RotomSuch a cool design, especially in its appliance forms. I like how it has a major role in the games since Gen 7 via the Rotom Phone
Dialgaa sprite of DialgaI grew to love Dialga in Gen 9 but whatever. It's huge, it eats hits for breakfast and it'll knock you down with a host of Dragon or Steel moves.
Heatrana sprite of HeatranA Fire/Steel type immune to Fire moves? Great move. And, like I told my partner, it looks like a poo with legs.
Cresseliaa sprite of CresseliaThis crescent duck won't go down easy and that's why I love it.