My favourite Gen 3 Pokémon

Here is a list of my favourite Generation 3 Pokémon, with their sprites from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (w/o animations I’m afraid), and why I love them so much.

Poochyenaa sprite of PoochyenaIt's a cute little pup.
Lotada sprite of LotadIt's quintessential Pokémon: a cute blue amphibious creature with a lilypad on its head. And the shiny is really nice.
Hariyamaa sprite of HariyamaHariyama was part of my first ever Gen 3 team and I love its design. It's a big sumo wrestler with enormous hands and a great ability in Guts (if you didn't want Thick Fat).
Mawilea sprite of MawileMawile is based on a futakuchi-onna (or 'two-mouthed woman'), a type of Japanese monster with two mouths – a normal one located on the woman's face and a second one on the back of the head beneath the hair. You're not sure whether it's cute or scary as hell and I kinda like that.
Aggrona sprite of AggronAggron is like if Shredder from TMNT combined with a monster from Godzilla universe. In the absence of Rhydon in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Aggron was king.
Camerupta sprite of CameruptI never got to use Camerupt but it's such a cool Pokémon with decent offensive stats. Sadly, despite its appearance, its defensive stats weren't so great but it's a Fire/Ground camel!
Grumpiga sprite of GrumpigGrumpig is a cool design and yeah, it sucks offensively but it's a cheeky pig in purple and black colours and weird dance moves.
Cacneaa sprite of CacneaIt's a cactus scarecrow which I think is a really cool design. Grass/Dark fits perfectly, even if it isn't the best dual type for resistances but whatever, it looks good and it'd scare me if I lived in Hoenn.
Claydola sprite of ClaydolThere's just something about Claydol that I really like. It's based on the Shakōki-dogū—a from Japanese lore and its name comes from clay + doll, as well as having some design elements from a dreidel. It looks scary and I guess that's point so job done.
Milotica sprite of MiloticA graceful sea serpent in contrast to Gyarados's monstrous design.
Shuppeta sprite of ShuppetA cheeky shadow puppet, what's not to love?
Glaliea sprite of GlalieIt's Jason Voorhees but just his head and he's floating! So cool (no pun intended)!
Salamencea sprite of SalamenceGod, I loved Salamence when I first got one. It was Gen 3's Dragonite analog (Dragalog? Dranalog? Draganolog?) and the design was so cool and worth the grinding to get.
Metagrossa sprite of MetagrossA giant steel spider? I'm not even into spiders like that but it's cool as heck and an amazing Steel type design. I've used Metagross in subsequent games and I can't wait to use one in Scarlet/Violet.
Regirocka sprite of RegirockÜN ÜN ÜN ÜN ÜN ÜN ÜN ÜN!
Regicea sprite of RegiceArguably my favourite Regi for some reason. Maybe it's the crystalline design or the fact that I love Ice types because of their underdog status. Nowhere near the best Regi but my fave nonetheless.
Kyogrea sprite of KyogreThe Water legendary GOAT (since Lugia's water typing got taken away from us). It's an absolute beast in every conceivable way and my #1 VGC legendary in Sword and Shield. And that's before we even go into the primals.
Groudona sprite of GroudonThe Ground legendary GOAT. It's an absolute beast in every conceivable way and my #2 VGC legendary in Sword and Shield. And that's before we even go into the primals.
Rayquazaa sprite of RayquazaThe Dragon/Flying legendary GOAT. It's an absolute beast in every conceivable way and a fantastic design. And that's before we even go into the Megas. My big Sky Noodle.
Deoxysa sprite of DeoxysI never got a legit one but I liked its various Formes. I have a plush now that I got at the Worlds 2022 pop up shop and it's cool.