Quick thoughts on Pokémon cards

(originally written on 18th Jan 2024)

Mass production fascinates me. It starts with creating something in abundance and people consuming it, marking certain parts more valuable than others, regardless of the effort put into all of it. Take Pokémon cards for example.

The artwork has been amazing for decades now, but if it’s not a pull, a lot of people don’t care (unless they need 1 of each of the “trash” cards to complete a collection). There are TONNES of content creators who push this narrative to the point that I’ve seen cards get CUT UP for views.

Imagine, as one of those artists, seeing that happen to your work because it’s not worth lots of money or good for clout. But TPCi likely doesn’t care as long as money is made and Pokémon remains relevant. And it saddens me to see.

I have a collection of my own and I enjoy looking at all the cards, especially the cards that aren’t worth much. The lines, the colours, the details, the creativity. I’d be more likely to buy up all the cheap cards based on the art or my fave Pokémon than spending £££ on some rares.

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