A prediction for Pokémon Day 2024

A few weeks ago, PKMNcast made a prediction on his podcast that The Pokémon Company would have a shiny Rayquaza raid for Pokémon Day, “to line up with the anime” (spoiler alert: shiny Rayquaza featured in the latest anime series). I thought that would be an awesome idea and I’ve not stopped thinking about it since, not least because shiny Rayquaza is gorgeous. But after my dragon themed evening yesterday, I took the idea a step further…

What if, instead of a standard 7* raid where you defeat the Pokémon and just catch it, they replicated the shiny Zeraora event from Sword and Shield where a million people had to defeat it in a Max Raid in order for them to get the shiny version in Pokémon HOME? By making it a global effort, it’d draw more people to the raid—probably more than ever before in SV—and it’d be an opportunity for people to do group raids rather than solo.

Of course, all of this is conjecture and I don’t think my idea will happen, and it’s not certain that PKMNcast’s prediction will be right either (although I want to believe). But if there’s one unexpected announcement coming on Pokémon Day, let it be that.

My Pokémon Day 2024