My big shiny day

It all started with a Clawitzer outbreak in Pokémon Violet. I’d recently discovered the shiny and thought I’d give it a go. The problem was the outbreak was a little… off. Clawitzer only seemed to appear 1-4 times per spawn and mostly just once. And I couldn’t go directly into the area; I had to slowly creep towards it to conjure the blue crustacean. I managed to get the 60 and spend the next few hours going in and out of spawn area, hoping the red shiny would appear. But it never did. I even tried sandwiches, and that’s where the big shiny luck started.

With one Water sandwich I found the following shinies:

  • 2 Buizel
  • 2 Floatzel
  • 1 Gyarados

It got to the point where I was dreading seeing another shiny weasel. GIMME MY CRUSTACEAN!

In the end, I gave up and went for Plan B: forcing an outbreak somewhere else. I did this by standing in the biome of the Pokémon I wanted (in this case, it was “Ocean”), and day skipping until a Clawitzer outbreak appeared on my map. I found one eventually—albeit in a different location to where I was standing—but I headed straight there. The good news was that spawns were regular, as intended. So I got my 60 and went straight for the sandwich.

As soon as I put the picnic away, it appeared in the water. My beautiful red and blue Clawitzer. After numerous attempts at catching it in a Great Ball, I finally got my critical capture and shiny Clawitzer was all mine.

The Pokémon summary screen for my shiny Clawitzer. It is a crustacean Pokémon that resembles a bright red shrimp. Its body is divided into several segments by black ridges and there are three small spikes behind its head. It has semicircular, yellow eyes, a black stripe across its face divided into parts, and four pointed mandibles.

I named them Olive Garden (because Red Lobster was too obvious). I’ve now trained it up for VGC and raids. Watch this space, Reg E!

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