12 facts I didn't know about Pokémon

(The original date I published this on my personal site was 28 Sep 2017.)

  • Satoshi Tajiri pitched Pokémon to Nintendo but it was initially rejected
  • Due to issues with copyright, the name “CapuMon” was considered before settling on Pocket Monsters
  • Game Freak struggled with the development of Red & Green in Japan. Low finances caused many of the staff to leave
  • Tajiri worked long hours, many of them unpaid
  • The games were originally scheduled for a December 21, 1995 release
  • The American staff who localized the games tried to change the Pokémon designs
  • In the Canadian French manual for Pokémon Blue, Pokémon is misspelled as “Pokémons”
  • There was a special Pikachu Yellow model of the Game Boy Printer
  • A title similar to Crystal called Pocket Monsters X (unrelated to the 2013 release) was set for an April 2000 release
  • The Japanese version of Crystal has an emblem of Suicune’s crest on the back of the cart’s circuit board
  • It was also developed using Pokémon Gold as its basis
  • A promotional coin featuring Groudon and Kyogre was available with American pre-orders of Ruby and Sapphire
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